Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A few great bags

Since my camera is mia right now I thought I’d look for a new purse and show you a few fab finds on Etsy.
A great sweater looking bag from NzLbags.
I’ve made a few bags from recycled jackets but nothing like this beauty from Flower Pie.
I’ve been wanting a messenger bag and love this one by Bring Me Along.
I love this candy looking bag by Crafttastic Parties.
Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a party with this fun red vintage bag by Musarra and Co?
This bag by Sweet Melissa is all bling but in a subtle way.
I love green and was drawn to this bag from Ring Pie.
This bag by Studio Waterstone  looks so soft and cuddly.  I can only imagine this was a well worn jacket in a previous life.
It is probably a good thing I can’t put all of these bags over my arm and imagine them as my newest bag.

I'm not sure which of these is my favorite.
I love them all.
Anyone else love a great bag?


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